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Go to Extensions → Template Manager → (J15) rt_radiance_j15 or (J17) rt_radiance. Mouseover the labels to view a description of each parameter. General Documentation There are several sites which offer a range of useful resources for using Joomla, beyond the specifics of the template: — Basic Joomla Documentation — Joomla Documentation Wiki …

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Integrated Extensions

Styled Extensions RokGallery RokNavMenu RokTabs   RokNewsPager RokTwittie Demo Utilities RokCandy RokGZipper RokPad RokBox Demo Utilities   Guide Download Support RokCandy RokCandy is a snippet inserter, that transforms custom syntax into complex, HTML elements upon rendering of the content item.   Guide Download Support RokPad RokPad is a code editor for Joomla, providing a rich …

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Template Typography

Content Box Quote Pre Code DropCap Standard Headers Bullet List Styles Icon List Styles Standard List Styles Emphasis Inset Notice Using Typography Content Box Styles   To replicate, use the following formatting: <div class=”contentbox1″>…</div> (HTML) or [contentbox class=”contentbox1″]…[/contentbox] (ROKCANDY). To replicate, use the following formatting: <div class=”contentbox2″>…</div> (HTML) or [contentbox class=”contentbox2″]…[/contentbox] (ROKCANDY). To replicate, use …

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Module Positions

There are 78 module positions. If no module is published to a position, it will not appear, collapsing the entire area. Non-Standard Elements There are non-standard elements that are injected into the template grid structure when enabled via the template parameter, such as the logo into header-a. These features stack vertically with any modules published …

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Module Variations

Module Variations allow you to individually style a module Enter any available suffixes at Extensions → Module Manager → Module → Module Class Suffix There are 56 suffixes: box1-2, title1-2, rounded, square, dark10-95 and light10-95; nomargintop, nomarginbottom, nomarginright, nomarginleft, nopaddingtop, nopaddingbottom, nopaddingright and nopaddingleft; flush, flushtop and flushbottom; plus standardcase, uppercase and lowercase. Note: You …

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